Dear Colleagues,

We forward you the letter below, sent by Sandra Rodriguez, eSafetyAware. Please be so kind and publish the enclosed leaflet on your website. Thank you for your assistance.

Kind regards,

Gerhard von Bressensdorf

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Dear Club Correspondents,

The eSafety Challenge project has produced an informative leaflet on eSafety technologies in collaboration with the European Driving Schools Association (EFA).
This leaflets is part of the eSafety Campaign and directly targets novice drivers to inform about six specific eSafety technologies, currently on the market, that can help inexperienced drivers in their new challenge on the road. By using graphical images and quotes of celebrity drivers, the leaflet explains the benefits of the technologies and shows how they can help drivers to avoid risks and accidents on the road.
We would like to offer you the possibility to distribute this leaflet at national training facilities and driving schools. We can provide you with the graphic material and you are welcome to translate it into your own language and add the club logo. We only ask you to send it to us for approval to make sure that the layout approved by the participating drivers is respected.
Please click here to view the leaflet
We hope that you find this useful and that it can help inform new drivers about the importance of safety. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

Kind regards,
Sara Rodríguez Portugués
Project Manager, eSafetyAware


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