Objective of the EU-project HERMES

In previous EU-projects it has been worked out what methods to apply best to reduce traffic accidents. In the EU HERMES project it will be worked out how to put best these methods into practice.

The team of the EU-project HERMES

:: Supervision by the European Commission: Annie CANEL

:: Gregor BARTL, Institut Gute Fahrt, Austria – project management
:: Nick SANDERS, CIECA, International – project secretariat
:: Kay SCHULTE, DVR (German Road Safety Council), Germany
:: Esko KESKINEN, Turku University, Finland
:: John WHITMORE, Performance Consultants, UK
:: Lauk WOLTRING, Innovation, Advice & Training, Netherlands
:: Marc PANNACCI, Centre de Formation pour Conducteurs, Luxembourg
:: Albert ALUMA, RACC Automobile Club, Spain
:: Norbert HAUSHERR, Austrian Driving Schools’ Association, Austria
:: Robert KOTAL, Traffic Academy of Bohemia, Czech Rep.
:: Sakari HOPIA, Finnish Driving Schools’ Association, Finland
:: Gérard ACOURT, ECF (Ecole de Conduite Française), France
:: Gerhard von BRESSENSDORF & Lars GUNNARSON, EFA (European Driving Schools’ Association), EU
:: Ian EDWARDS, A2om, UK

Reports of the EU-project HERMES

You can find all documentation in the HERMES website >>

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