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Dr. Berhard Reiter
Dr. Bernhard Reiter

In Germany to became a Driving Instructor you have to take a compulsory full time training. Today we meet Dr. Bernhard F. Reiter, CEO, Driving Instructor Academy, TRAFFIC INSTITUTE GmbH

Dr. Reiter, can you describe for us the Academy activities and the topics that are covered and explain the path to follow to became a Driving Instructor in Germany?

Our academy, established in 1954, is the eldest training school for professional driving instructors in Germany. Since 1982 we are called Fahrlehrerakademie Verkehrs-Institut GmbH. Our main business includes education and training of driving instructors.

To become a driving instructor first of all it is necessary to be at least 22 (21) years old when starting the course. The profession is planned as an advanced training, which means that any professional education can be upgraded to become a driving instructor. You need to have the following driving licenses: BE (cars and trailers), CE (trucks) and A (motorcycles).

The procedure of education and exam:
5 month training in a driving instructor school/academy; in the 3rd month the students have to take a practical driving test (if a student fails, they have 2 more opportunities); after 5 month the students do a 5 hour written test and about 4 weeks later an oral examination and again if someone fails, there are two more chances to repeat. If they pass they are granted a temporary license.

The second training period takes place in a training driving school (duration 4 to 5 months); after 2 months the students return for a week to their academy for reflection, which will be repeated at the end of the training period. The final examinations are a theatrical and a practical demonstration lesson. If the students fail, again there are two more chances. If they pass those examinations, they get a perpetual license.

Have some foreign models inspired your training, Nordic countries for instance?

As far as I am concerned there is no model that really inspired us here in Germany, but the Norwegians have a very modern education where in the first part of the training, both examiners-to-be and teachers-to-be are taught together.

Is it true that Germany today miss a lot of professional driving licenses Instructors?

Well, as a matter of fact a lot of well-educated driving instructors are needed – particularly with regard of the retirement of many elderly/senior driving instructors.

Do you have a periodic driving course for Driving Instructors? If yes, how does it work?

Yes, we have. We start a course in January, then again in May and September. And we have two additional courses for driving instructors who upgrade their profession to teach motorcycle-students and one more course for those who want to teach trucks and buses.

Thank you very much.


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