Driver Instructor Education 2.0

The aim of the transfer project is to advance the driver instructor education in selected European countries (Germany, Belgium, Austria) by implementing web 2.0-supported video and internet technologies. For this a specially developed internet platform as well as experiences from the field of sports will be used.

On the level of practical driver instructor education a technology-based fostering of competence-focused learning with reflexive and situated elements (aim: instruction development) will take place. This technical-didactic innovation is not only supposed to advance the professional and instructional competence but also to provoke an organizational professionalization. The applied educational technologies can enhance the exchange of knowledge among colleagues or support transnational quality development through the assessment of good practices (aim: knowledge and quality management). At the moment, the project is supported scientifically by the University of the German Federal Armed Forces in Munich (aim: evaluation). The European Driving Schools Association is in charge of the project from a professional perspective and promotes its distribution (aim: dissemination).

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